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CIM Professional Award in e-Marketing

This is a 45 hour flexible e-learning course covering Internet/e-Marketing which leads to the Professional Development Award in e-Marketing accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

This is an award that gives you solid skills and knowledge to truly take advantage of the digital medium for your business and use it as a competitive differentiator.

MMC learning is the CIM Accredited Study Centre for working professionals providing cutting edge learning content with flexible ways to learn supported by a dedicated, experienced team of tutors and support staff. Now serving learners from small to large companies in over 50 countries!

1. Why Study this Course?

This is a question we probably don't need to answer anymore. The Internet and Online Customers have moved forward at such a fast pace that if you don't learn about this digital medium you will lose sales, lose customers, miss business opportunities as well as damage your future career in Marketing.

The benefits of achieving the CIM Professional Development Award in eMarketing will:

  • Keep you at the leading edge with new knowledge and skills in Internet Marketing
  • Help you to build on your professional development and increase job security in a rapidly changing world of e-business
  • Help you to extend your marketing knowledge to identify new business opportunities
  • Learn how to create an Internet Marketing Plan
  • Provide you with a recognised marketing qualification in e-marketing through the world's largest organisation of marketing professionals

2. Course Reviews

" ... A useful grounding in eMarketing principles, some of the failures should have taken it first ... "
Jack Roberts: Halifax PLC, Direct Marketing Manager

" ... A really thorough understanding of e-biz and e-marketing ... "
Alison Dwyer, Ernst & Young

" ... It's always a good idea to go back to basics and get a new perspective on your role The fundamentals of e-marketing delivered in a great way for time-poor people ... "
Marc Ames, Royal Bank of Scotland, e-Marketing Manager

3. who is this qualification for?

This internet marketing qualification would be useful to anyone who is interested in new media, new ways of marketing or working within the digital industry.

4. Free Online Tutorial

This is just a small selection of over 100 marketing tutorials and
videos you will have access to during this course

5. Course Content

There are 8 main modules on this course which are further broken down into byte size e-learning tutorial with audio. You can easily do these at your own pace and play/repeat as many times as you like.

  • Module 1: Introduction to e-Marketing (Week 1)
    Introduces you to this exciting subject area with details of a five step model to focus you on the benefits of e-Marketing - Grow Sales, Add Value, Get Closer to Customers, Build Brand and Save Costs.
  • Module 2: e-Driven Change & e-Models (Week 2)
    The business world is changing faster than ever before. Old approaches and business models are proving to be insufficient to the task, and are being replaced by a host of new models. This module examines a number of these - Value Chain, Production, e-Procurement, Distribution, Communication, Customer Buying, Information and Loyalty.
  • Module 3: The e-Marketing Mix (Week 3)
    This will take you through the marketing mix elements and help you apply them to the online world - product, price, place, promotion, people, processes, physical evidence.
  • Module 4: Understanding e-Customers (Week 4 & 5)
    This module examines online customers and identifies how they differ to offline customers. It discusses the issues and concerns they have, as well as the motivators for going online. Finally, it explores ways in which customers go through the online buying process.
  • Module 5: e-Customer Relationship Management (Week 6)
    Existing customers are, on average, five times more profitable than new customers, which makes Customer Relationship Management a vitally important area to consider. This module shows how to avoid the classic errors and examines how CRM can be integrated with the online world - Database Management, Profiling, Personalisation, Relationship Marketing, Incoming e-Mails and Control Issues.
  • Module 6: e-Marketing Tools - Website (Week 7)
    This is will give you a detailed insight into the most powerful e-Marketing Tool covering Value Proposition, Customer Orientation, Aesthetics, Page Design, Copyrighting, Navigation and Usability.
  • Module 7: e-Marketing Tools - Communication (Week 8 & 9)
    Always on, everywhere, and easy to use - is this the future of the internet? The online world has already moved beyond previous hardware devices as well as new creative ways to target your audience directly - Viral Marketing, Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search, Affiliate Marketing, e-Mail Marketing, Blogging, Hardware Devices, Internet Advertising and Interactive TV.
  • Module 8: e-Marketing Plan (Week 10)
    Marketing Planning is a vital process - even more so in the fast-moving world of e-Business. This module takes you through a step by step simple and easy to remember planning model and looks at how its principles can be applied online.

6. Assessment

For this Internet Marketing course you will be required to complete two assessments each worth 50%.

  • Assessment 1: An Assignment (no more than 4000 words)
  • Assessment 2: An Online Multiple Choice Question Examination which lasts 1 hour

In order to achieve this internet marketing qualification you need to pass all of the above assessments.

7. Cost & Registration

Entry Criteria

There is no formal entry criteria for the CIM Professional Development Award in eMarketing. However a prior knowledge of marketing practice is helpful.

What do you get?

The package you receive will include everything you need to study and successfully complete the course to gain the qualification. This includes the following within the price below:

Detailed welcome pack and course guide sent to you in the post
A leading Internet Marketing textbook
Access to high quality online tutorials and videos
Support from an allocated Course Manager as the daily point of contact for any advice and guidance
Support from an experienced eTutor to help you through your assessment

NEW: as part of this course fee, we are now offering personlised practical advise on Search Marketing - how to optimise your website for search engines and how to set up a paid search campaign for your organisation.

Price for UK and international students

The cost of this eMarketing Award to UK and international students is £670 (+ VAT). Click here to download registration form.

In addition to this, there is a CIM assessment fee and you are also required to become a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, which brings you an exciting range of career development benefits.

Email us now if you are interested in registering for this course -

We are running this Internet Marketing course with one start date per month so please contact us as there are limited places for each group.

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